How Social Media and Tea Threw Me a Lifeline

Introduction from the Editor: We are fortunate and grateful that May King Tsang took the time to write this incredible blog post. Please make the time to put the kettle on, make a cup of tea or coffee, sit down and read this fantastic guest blog post. Thank you May King for writing this. Social […]

Encryption Made Easy!

This blog post is all about encryption for small businesses and freelancers. More specifically this blog post provides some insight into different uses for encryption, and whilst this blog post isn’t aimed at Enterprise level businesses, smaller businesses and home users, should find this post insightful. This blog post does not cover how secure encryption […]

Backup Tips for Freelancers

I thought it was time to chuck some outstanding backup tips for freelancers your way. Though naturally these tips are not just applicable to freelancers, but also cover numerous other circumstances.   Give your email a good old squeeze! This advice is for those using an email client application with messages stored on their computer. […]