10 Most Desired Apps for HTC

By | March 29, 2012

Most of the leading mobile devices in the market today such as smartphones and tablets are brought to us by HTC, a global giant in terms of mobile innovation and technology. It is the company’s goal to create products that will enhance a user’s experience. These include the wide range of apps with their different functions.

We hereby, present you with ten most favored HTC apps.

One of the most indispensable apps for office and personal use is Astro File Manager, it helps you to manage and keep track of your files such as photos, music and videos. Also, it allows you to create back-ups for your apps and store them, at the same time. It comes handy in case you change your phone or lose it. This app is quite advantageous if you want to files as an attachment. Not to forget, it also enables you to read Zip and TGZ files.

The next most favored app is Shop Savvy, this is a must-have app for every shopper.It scans a product’s barcode to search for cheaper options in stores and on the web. Thus, a perfect guide for all shopaholics

Wave Secure, helps you keep track of your phone in case you lose it, so it is considered an anti-theft and anti-data loss device. It has the Wave Secure web interface that allows remote locking, backup and restoring of data.

Now comes my favorite app 3G Watchdog, it is an app that monitors your mobile internet usage. It specifically guards you against excessive internet usage.It displays a green/orange/red status icon in the notification bar. Not to forget it provides a detailed report of traffic usage based on start date of your billing cycle.

Advanced Task Manager is a free HTC app, which lets you terminate apps and services. The major advantage of this app that you can save on battery and it nonetheless enhances your phone speed.

Now the next in row is Google Sky Map, through it you can explore celestial objects such as stars and planets.

Meebo, is meant for all social networking lovers. It is a free app that allows you to save your IM (instant messaging) history to your account and access it from your computer. When you log in to any of your IM accounts; you can send messages without incurring any cost.

uTorrent, enables you to manage your torrents and search for them by keywords or bar codes. When you scan the bar code, this will find the torrent for the product and include it in your torrent clients. It is useful to those who download stuff through bittorrent. It lets you search torrents from your phone and send them to your pc. Thereafter, you can download them.

Trip Journal, it lets you to document your travels and share them with family and friends. While traveling, it tracks your itinerary in real time. Also, it lets you keep an archive of all your trips.

eBay for HTC, it is an award-winning Android app available on free of cost. No matter where you are, you can search, buy and pay plus check the status of your eBay activity.This includes several features such as voice search, advanced search, buyer and seller alerts, leaving feedback and Paypal payment.

About the Guest Post Author: The article is written by Peter Smith. Peter is a tech geek who has potential to do impossible things. He has good grip on subjects like photography, technology and consumer electronics. Visit his site to know more about HTC smartphones and HTC One V.