10 Ways to Maximize Technology in a Small Business

By | May 3, 2011

Small business owners sometimes have trouble keeping up with all the latest breakthroughs in technology. That’s because they are busy running their small business and that can include wearing a lot of hats throughout the day.

At times, a small business owner may have to be the sales person, the delivery person or even the front office staff. As a small business owner, you do whatever is necessary in the course of a day’s time in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Many times though, all new and really helpful forms of technology are released and those business owners who can stay on top of these latest technological advancements are the ones who can count on moving ahead of their competition.

For instance, how long was it from the time you first heard the expression “The Cloud” before you knew what that was? This might be a good test of where you are in as far as readily accepting progress. If you answered, from one week to one month, then you’re right up there with top techno-geeks. If you answered three to six months, then you are probably average. But if you answered, “The Cloud? What’s that?” then it’s time to devote some effort and work toward learning how to use technology to advance your small business.

1) The Cloud

The Cloud is probably a good place to start. This is a new Point of Service software that allows the user to utilize the most advanced software and web applications without ever having to purchase them. Another great feature of the Cloud is that employees can work from almost anyplace and still have access to all files and programs. Employees can collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. Small business owners are quickly seeing all the ways that this new technology can benefit their business.

2) A Business App

Large corporations saw the great potential right away of creating their own smartphone app. All the larger businesses, including banks and retailers have their own app now. But what about small businesses? Have you looked into how much it would cost to build a cool new smartphone app for your business? This is a great way to connect with your customers, build your brand name or expose a new product or service.

3) Utilize Smartphones more

Just about everyone has a smartphone now. Use it to send memos and even documents to employees. Most business documents are not so critical that you dare not risk the exposure of sending them over a Smartphone. Keeping your top people abreast of what’s going on through their Smartphone is catching on with large and small businesses these days.

4) Put a Blog on your Website

Everyone is blogging these days about everything. Small businesses that are smart will take advantage of this trend. Find a really creative person in your organization and assign them the task of writing and uploading a blog to your website each week. Be sure they write about something fun and entertaining and not solely sales oriented. Nobody reads blogs that say “Buy this product!” over and over. Make your blog creative and informative. Share some favorite recipes from employees or a touching story in the news.

5) Hire Creative Thinkers

Hire one or two bright young minds. Along with their job description, include keeping an eye out for new technology that might benefit your company.

6) Encourage Employee Input

Often your own employees are a great resource of ideas and information. They’ve seen something on the news or heard of some new product or service that might benefit your company. Try offering monthly prizes for the best ideas.

7) Study the Competition

Find out who in your business genre is making it big and why. They may have stumbled onto a few great ideas that you’ve missed. With the Internet at your fingertips, it’s pretty easy to see who’s on top and discover what they did to get there.

8) Stay on top of New Trends

Get in the habit of browsing the Internet each week in search of any new information, advancements or trends concerning your particular business category, your products or services.

9) Refresh your website often

You know that your web content must be refreshed weekly but how about the site itself? Some websites haven’t changed one iota in 10 years. Give your site a few tweaks on a regular basis. Try to keep things looking fresh and innovative. Dust those shelves!

10) YouTube

Many companies are posting YouTube videos of how to use their products. This is a great way to gain a whole new audience. Post videos of recent breakthroughs or upcoming product launches.

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