21 Potholes You Can Trip Over in Logo Design!

By | March 9, 2012

Logo Design is an important issue for any business. Good logos allow companies to create a powerful brand image and thus enhance sales rate. A poor logo, on the other hand, can have a drastic impact on reputation of the company.

Knowing about common errors, before designing a logo, is important. This will save your time, energy, and most importantly, allow you to come up with simple and recognizable logos. We highlight few common mistakes that can interfere with your goal of creating unique logo designs.

  1. Complex Designs – Many logo designers think that complicated designs can grab attention of your target audience. Unfortunately, this is a wrong concept. Truth is that people find it difficult to remember complex designs. If you want to make your designs memorable, paying attention to simplicity is critical.
  2. Clichéd Designs – To impress your audience, avoid clichéd designs. Consider the fact that opting for the conventional route will not allow you to highlight your logo designs amongst millions of others.
  3. Unoriginal – If you use already existing ideas in the logos, chances are high that you will face legal troubles. Additionally, it will create a bad reputation of your client’s company.
  4. Vague Designs – Every logo needs to convey a clear message. If your logo does not convey any message, it will not create a strong impression on the target audience.
  5. Clipart – Creating designs that involve the use of clipart will not impress your clients or target audience.
  6. Non-Scalable – A logo should be scalable. If it is not, it will not gain popularity.
  7. Excessively Fancy – Keep your logo simple. Avoid using shadows and textures excessively. Your designs will fail to highlight its original message.
  8. Requesting Feedback from Everyone – For best results, ask for feedback only from people who possess good knowledge about logo designs.
  9. High Dependency on Colors – Depending on colors, for conveying message of a design is a common mistake. Remember that your logo should look good, both in black and white and color.
  10. Using Popular Trends – To make your designs, do not incorporate popular trends or styles in your designs. Instead, opt for timeless trends.
  11. Designs that do not Complement Purpose of the Company – Always, ensure that your logo highlights purposes of the company. Otherwise, the target audience will feel confused.
  12. Unnecessary Inclusions – Using terms, such as LLC or Inc. in the logo is unnecessary. Avoid this technique.
  13. Wrong Color Combination – Using wrong colors in the logo affects its aesthetic appeal. Try to use colors that reflect philosophies of the company.
  14. Rasterized – As stated earlier, a logo should be scalable. Opt for CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or other popular vector software.
  15. Using Predictable Fonts – Incorporating predictable fonts in your designs can provide it with a clichéd look. Try to use a unique font.
  16. Taking Help of Excessive Fonts – Using various fonts in the design is a bad idea. It hurts the eyes and can confuse people. For best results, you should stick to one or two fonts.
  17. Opting for Crazy Fonts – To create a professional image, avoid using fonts, such as Papyrus or Curlz. Instead, stick to professional and simple fonts.
  18. Excessive Spacing – Paying attention to the space between letters is critical. Avoid excessive or limited spacing between letters.
  19. Lightweight Fonts – To ensure that your logo looks good in any medium, avoid using lightweight fonts.
  20. Abstract Ideas – Incorporating abstract ideas in a logo can interfere with its usability. Stick to clear and simple ideas.
  21. Not Suitable for Every Medium – Checking whether your logo is suitable for every medium is important. This will ensure that it looks good in print, web, on a t-shirt or street sign.

Avoiding these simple mistakes will help you to come up with designs that are creative and simple.

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