3 Essential Gadgets for Small Businesses

By | July 17, 2013

As a small business, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in technology which will help you to grow. Fads and gadgets come and go but, if they don’t offer value for money and render themselves obsolete in a matter of weeks, they’re simply an unnecessary, shiny, multi-buttoned waste of your hard earned cash. Remember minidisc players? No? Well exactly.

It’s just plain smart to make certain you only splash out on powerful gizmos with real longevity, but you also need to ensure you’re not languishing in the Dark Ages while your competitors stride ahead with all the latest kit. We all know about the great advantages technology can bestow upon us; a smart piece of gadgetry can streamline processes, cut costs and improve your internal systems. That’s why it’s so important not to let your competition get the upper hand. If you only invest in three new devices this year, here are our top picks:

Mobile Printers

Every white collar worker worth his or her salt has experienced printer woe at some point in their lives. Oh the indescribable frustration when you hit print and nothing happens for no good reason… Mobile printing won’t necessarily cure your business of moments like that, but it will make things much speedier. You can hook a mobile printer up to any device, directly networked or not, via the Cloud. Your team can then print from their tablets, phones and laptops or on the move while out of office. As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and at-home, ‘virtual office’ working becomes increasing popular, this technology is indispensable and definitely here to stay.


A screen is functional but projectors are the future. Not only are they portable and storable, they also offer high quality, (very) big screen images to businesses looking for smart tech for meetings and presentations. Hooking a TV screen up to a laptop can be a wire-heavy, clunky process. Connecting wirelessly to a projector from the networked device of your choice is seamless and far more impressive than diving under a desk to faff around with plugs and connectors.

DVD Players

Tired of fuzzy, half-buffered YouTube clips in the office? Whether you’re showing training videos, promotional material or even treating your team to a post-work movie night at the end of a profitable month, a High Definition Ready (HD Ready) Blu-ray DVD player will ensure the viewing experience is of the highest quality. DVDs may sound a little ‘early 2000s’ but, as a tried and tested format, they still provide the highest quality images available in any medium. To impress clients, customers and colleagues with slick video, check the specifications and instructions for your DVD player to confirm you’re using an up-scaled, HD Ready piece of hardware for the best video quality out there.

About the guest post author: Cherrie is a journalism graduate who now specializes in writing about tech, fashion and beauty.