4 Rules to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Business

By | March 12, 2012

There are lots of things most people recommend as rules to choose the best domain name for online business websites. However, if you are looking for the most important rules, there are four recommended ones:

1st Rule: Match Your Business

The domain name must present a clear image of your company. The name must be related to the brand of your business. For example, if your business sells Nike t shirts, use something like NikeTshirts.com. Using something like buttonlessandcollarlessshirts.com is plain absurd. Customers will hardly even use these words to search for t shirts. Therefore, try to make your domain name as creative as possible, without using the wrong words.

The best approach is to take some time and make a list of domain names you?d like to use. Think of ten adjectives that describe your business and write them down. The domain name must be as short as possible. Preferably not more than five words long. After you have considered the one that works best, make sure it is available for use.

2nd Rule: Easy to Remember

The name of your domain must not only relate with your brand. It must be one that customers can remember easily. This is very important for small businesses with a limited budget for marketing. The domain name serves as an important marketing tool. Here are some things to avoid so that the domain name is easy to remember:

  • Avoid the use of initials and acronyms (e.g. B.JandS.Tassociates.co.uk)
  • Avoid exceeding more than three words (e.g.howtowriteacoverletter.com)
  • Avoid using complex words that are difficult to spell (e.g. catastrophypreventionmethods.com)
  • Avoid using numbers (e.g. 100percent.net and hundredpercent.net)

3rd Rule: Legal Issues

There will be legal issues that usually arise while registering domain names. You must be able to protect misuse of your domain name by someone else. Besides, you must find out whether other companies can claim damages if you are using the domain name. There is a difference between offline and online brands. In online brands, international companies can also see your domain name. Offline limits the availability of your domain outside your state or country. Remember that brand disputes have no geographic boundaries.

4th Rule: Domain’s Extension

There are specific extensions that apply to specific brands. For instance, .edu and .tv applies to websites related to education, and television services, respectively. Similarly, the country has its own domain extension for businesses. For instance, .eu applies to businesses operating in Europe. If you prefer to use an extension to reflect that you are a business website, use .biz. Otherwise, you can make your own extension as .name (e.g. .cnn or .bbc).

These are the four most important rules to choose the best domain name for your business.

About the Guest Post Author: Richard has been working as a Magento consultant for several years. He has helped many businesses with their online activities.