4 Ways your Business Can Cut their Mobile Bill

By | November 22, 2011

Many businesses have become increasingly dependent on their mobile plans. This becomes an issue when costs rise and services stay the same. Oftentimes, rising costs are associated with added features that do not necessarily fit your business needs. No matter how you look at it, though, there are tremendous savings opportunities for businesses small and large through the use of free tools as well as limited and sim only plans.

If your current plan is costing thousands per month for a lot of features your business does not use, it may be time to actively seek ways to save money. The added savings may not take much time to acquire, and the additional cash will be essential to good credit and cash flow. Moving forward into 2012 and beyond, if your business has not already considered these options for cutting down on your mobile bill, they are more than worth the look.


Skype is a great way to communicate and save money at the same time. It works well and it has almost the same reception as a regular phone and you can even connect it to your mobile phone. Skype is a free service for the most part. Users can reach out to other Skype users for free whether it is a video chat, voice call, or text.

Skype is capable of calling outside lines as well at a limited cost. You can contact non-Skype users via their telephone number and will be charged for the amount of time spent talking to them. Despite the costs, it is a relatively much-lower cost option for businesses. Skype is a great tool that can be shared with clients, helping to spread the benefits to others while keeping your own costs down even more.

Signing up is free, easy to do, and the program works fine on most computers. There is nothing to lose giving Skype a trial run for your business.

Google Voice

Google Voice is another free and low cost option for businesses. Users are assigned a free phone number to use, and placing calls to US and Canadian numbers is free. Some charges may apply for other types of international calls, and charges can vary depending on the country. They can still be much cheaper than what most phone companies charge.

You can connect the Google Voice number to your cellphone and get a single phone number to ring everywhere. There is free voicemail, and users can even send text messages for free.

Limited Plans

Too often with cellphone plans- and especially in business- we pay for more than we need. Unlimited data, phone calling, text messages, etc. sounds appealing for a business that does not want to miss out. Looking at most phone bills, however, proves that businesses can operate at the same levels while paying for much smaller plans. Limited plans are offered by almost all of the major cellphone carriers, but they are not advertised that much.

With a quick look at your business’s phone bill and a little research into your carrier’s plan options, you can wind up with massive savings over the long run on your company’s wireless bill.

A limited plan is like any other cell phone plan except that it has limitations that are not present on the more expensive plans. The limited plans usually cost substantially less, but the problem is that if you break any of the rules then the penalty fees can be ridiculously high which means that you may end up paying even more than the cost for the more expensive plans.

On the other hand, these plans can be very effective. They allow businesses to pick and choose what they really need as opposed to just getting a bunch of features that are of no use. Before you pay for one of these plans, assess exactly how many minutes you need, text messaging, international calls, and etc. to make the best choice.

Sim Only Plans

Sim only plans are another excellent alternative to traditional cellphone plans. A sim only plan provides users with a sim card to put into their existing phone. This leads to dramatic savings as plans do not have to include costs to cover the manufacturing of handsets. Users use their existing phones and pay a monthly fee for use of a sim card plan.

This also breaks ties with any long-term commitments, and businesses and users are free to change their plan options from month to month. These types of plans are usually very inexpensive and quite flexible because you have more options and you are not forced to buy a new phone either.

As costs become more of a concern for businesses around the globe, many businesses have already made the change to free tools like Skype and Google Voice. They are certainly worth the consideration, as well as alternative plan options available through phone carriers.

About the guest post author: Blake Sanders is a writer at UK comparison site Sim Only, where he specializes in the latest in mobile broadband as well as mobile phone news and information.