5 iPad Apps for Business Shopping Bargains

By | November 20, 2011

Shopping is something we as consumers and business owners know very well. With new technology like the iPhone and iPad available to help with our everyday lives, it makes sense that apps to help us organize our shopping, create lists and make shopping for new stuff more accessible! From menial stationary to everyday shopping and bargain hunting, check out these five iPad apps to make your experience shopping easier.

1. Groupon HD

Groupon is a local shopping app that will help you find the best deals in cities in your country. The application currently catalogues deals in over 500 cities with more being added each month. With Groupon, you can find deals on places to take your clients (though you probably shouldn’t tell them!), venues around the city and even stores that are offering daily discounts on items. You can even purchase your deals directly from within the app and then print out the coupon or take your iPad with you to claim your discounted purchase. This is a must have app for anyone who loves shopping and getting deals while doing so.

2. eBay

eBay is one of the biggest places to find the best deals on the web, so having the eBay app for the iPad can net you some pretty sweet deals. One of the best features that eBay currently implements is their daily deals feature, where they display deals from trusted sellers that you might not look for otherwise. You can find great items marked down up to 75%. The app is a full featured shopping app for the whole site, so you can browse any category, place bids, and purchase directly from your iPad.

3. Amazon Mobile

Second only to eBay as a popular shopping destination, the Amazon mobile app is a must have for any serious Internet shopper. Amazon offers some of the best deals available and similar to eBay, they offer Gold Box specials that change every day. Gold Box specials can be specific to a certain category such as housewares or electronics, but they’re only available for an hour or two before they change. Thus having this app can make finding deals offered by the Gold Box that much easier. For Amazon Prime users, this app is a must-have, since free two-day shipping and access to free books, music, and movies are all at your fingertips.

4. Newegg

For the tech-savvy among us, having quick access to all the hottest gadgets available means having Newegg on your iPad. Newegg offers great competitive pricing year-round, but their Black Friday and Christmas sales are some of the best you’ll find on hot gadgets like the newest phones, tablets, and PCs. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can have your colleagues, friends and family mail wish lists to you that you can access directly in the app so you can see what they might like for Christmas or a birthday or as an upgrade for their tiring office equipment? It’s a great way to shop for new electronic items and the prices IMO usually can’t be beat.

5. Alice.com App

If you’ve ever been on a shopping trip and forgot something essential such as paper towels or laundry detergent, then Alice is for you. Alice is an online shopping site that lets you buy your favourite brands and then sends reminders when you might be out. Shipping is always free and if there are any manufacturer coupons hovering around, they’re applied automatically to your order. This makes Alice one of the premier shopping apps for getting your necessary shopping done, right from your office couch – use this app to pick up all the office essentials!

Of course there are thousands of apps available to help make bargain purchase decisions, but this small handful is certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to mobile shopping.

Do you have any apps that aren’t listed that you use to make your life simpler when it comes to shopping and finding the best deals for your business?

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