5 Tools To Manage Your Company’s Social Media Marketing

By | May 9, 2012

Research shows that eight out of every ten Americans utilizes a social networking site. In fact, people spend more time on sites like Twitter and Facebook than on any other website. However, rather than serve solely as a tool for personal interaction, businesses have seized the opportunity by using the sites to connect and interact with their customers while attracting new ones as well.

Surveys have shown that over 70% of businesses that start up a social media marketing plan see a drastic improvement in their search rankings over the next fiscal quarter.

However, a successful social media campaign is about more than just setting up a Facebook page.

Here are 5 tools to help you manage your social media marketing strategy:

1. Conversocial

This tool allows you to organize your social media connections by prioritizing feedback and doing a close study of your conversation history. They provide analytic tools that go far beyond the rudimentary statistics that accompany most web pages, and help you determine which tools and promotions have been the most effective.

It also boosts customer service by tracking complaints and the effectiveness of your solutions. Facebook comments and Twitter posts can be organized and routed to experts in that particular field.

2. Engage Sciences

This software platform makes your database more efficient allowing you to save money and time. You can view messages and post replies across all your social network accounts and view real time metrics on how each comment is received.

You can track influential posters and see how they react to various promotions and posts to your webpage. There are also features to embed sales and promotional discounts into widgets which customers can pass on and click for savings.

3. Message Maker

Message Maker’s social networking tool allows you to solidify your brand by posting your message across a wide array of social networking hubs. Instead of relying solely on Facebook to get your message across, you can utilize all the popular social media sites while still staying consistent as if you were operating one webpage.

4. Hootsuite

This consolidates your social media marketing platform into a single dashboard where you can manage all your accounts at once. It organizes your various message into separate categories and analyses the database to prioritize customer service inquiries. It can also generate custom reports to determine overall customer sentiment by analysing feedback, likes, and new follower growth.

5. Sprout Social

This tool will help you manage your social media marketing plan by allowing you to engage customers, measure their responses, grow new business and monitor that growth. Its simple one-click interface allows you to connect quickly with preferred clients while analysing how often customers visit your page and how loyal they remain over time.

This tool allows you to understand the demographics of your customers and provides advice on how to craft messages to suit their interests. Better interaction with your customers will translate to more brand loyalty and new customers as word of mouth spreads.

Many of these tools work to unify the disparate social media landscape into a single, organized marketing strategy. They consolidate data and provide analysis to help you understand how to improve your marketing techniques. Such consolidation is important because it will allow you to navigate a large expanse of the internet quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

About the Guest Post Author:

Mike Sanders is a freelance writer for publicliabilityinsurance.org specializing in small business and technology related topics.