6 Ways to Market a Small Business

By | February 17, 2012

If you are not currently looking to expand your customer base, reach a wider audience, and market your small business, then you should be. Every business needs to promote itself effectively and look to expand on the profits already being made. There are many cheap ways to promote your business as long as you understand your small business bookkeeping. This article will consider 6 ways in which you can expand your business through targeted marketing strategies without overspending and damaging your chances of success.

1. Customer rewards to expand the customer base

Every customer likes to be rewarded and this is a very powerful tool to keep drawing customers in to your business. A rewards system can be as simple as offering something for free after every 5 or 10 purchases. Alternatively it could work on a points system which allows people to save for larger rewards. Either way, this is an excellent method for strengthening customer loyalty.

2. Write a local press release

Local press releases are free and they are a great way to actively target your audience. It is important to write the release in connection with something worthwhile like charity work so that it can be crafted into an interesting story. Always remember to include your website and location in the press release because they are more likely to be published if they are easily located.

3. Invest in a 1300 telephone number

Investing in a 1300 number can be a very good way to make your small business appear more specialised and professional on the surface. 1300 telephone numbers are easier to remember and to promote.

4. Find a joint promotions partner

Joint promotions can be beneficial to both businesses and they can be a great way to benefit from a pre-existing customer base. Consider working with businesses near you which deals in different goods to the same audience. For example, a toy shop would do well working with a children’s’ clothing store because they share a common target audience but sell different products.

5. Build a social profile

A social profile is basically a platform to direct people towards your website for information or services. By participating in conversations on Yahoo, Q&A Forums, and specialist forums, you will be able to demonstrate to potential customers that you are able to provide accurate and useful information in the field. This is a fantastic way to boost the existing customer base that you have.

6. Use local advertising

Local advertising through either Google Local or the Yellow Pages is usually free and is an excellent way to reach interested customers. An advertisement in the Yellow Pages will allow you to be easily found by customers without any hassle. Be sure to include your web address and phone number in the advert so that you can be found without any difficulty.

Marketing a small business should be an ongoing and regularly monitored practice. When marketing, it is important to both remain within your means and to be ambitious about reaching a wide audience.

About the Guest Post Author: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics.