8 Mistakes to Avoid as a Seasonal Business Owner

By | November 8, 2011

Seasonal businesses can often be hard to sustain. It takes a disciplined, motivated business owner to truly make a seasonal business a success. If you are looking to start you own seasonal business, the following information will be helpful for you. Listed below are 8 mistakes that you want to avoid to help your business achieve success during the peak season and during off times of the year.

1. Assuming you will work ONLY during peak season. Many seasonal business owners make the mistake of thinking they will only have to put in work a few months of the year. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A successful seasonal business owner will spend the rest of the months throughout the year planning strategies on how to make the business bigger and better than the year before. Seasonal business owner may only “sell” to customers once a year, but they are constantly thinking of ways to make their product better. The truth is, you will work all months of the year but extremely hard during those peak seasons.

2. Not being financially disciplined. This is a mistake that many seasonal business owners make. If you are only going to be bringing in a profit once a year, you must be disciplined enough to make that money last until the next season approaches to cover business start up fees once again. Many owners fail in that they spend all the hard earned cash in a very short time and find themselves highly anticipating the next season so that they can once again fill up their bank account. This greatly hinders the profitability of the business.

3. Being unorganized during the peak season. If you are only selling during one season of the year, you must be fully prepared when that times arrives. Selling strategies must be in place. Products and prices must be chosen beforehand. It will be difficult to do these things when the hustle and bustle of the season begins. Be organized before the season approaches and during the entire you will be making a large profit. .

4. Being unwilling to implement changes and find solutions to problems. Seasonal business owners often have one thing in mind – sell as much as you can as quickly as you can. Unfortunately, this serves as a blinder and many are unwilling to make needed changes to products or services. This can quickly set your seasonal business up for failure.

5. Not understanding the needs and wants of seasonal customers. Another common mistake made by seasonal business owners is not truly understanding the product they are attempting to sell. It helps to have a passion for your business rather than just looking to make a profit. Having a passion for the business will help you to understand the needs and wants of the customers.

6. Refusing to establish relationships with customers who can boost the business yearly. A good seasonal business owner will work hard to establish relationships with customers who will come back year after year. Learn names and particular interest. Do your best to make sure every customer is completely satisfied. If you customers aren’t happy, they won’t come back next year.

7. Being unwilling to pay for expenses of a temporary store front. If you are serious about your seasonal business, you will do what it takes to make it easier for customers to find you so that you don’t have to go looking for customers. Consider renting a store front for a couple of months. Rent the space a month in advance so that you can do some heavy advertising and let people know where you are located.

8. Not keeping in touch with customers throughout the year. Once you find seasonal business, you want to keep it. Consider getting the names and address of your customers and sending out a newsletter when the season gets near. The letter can let them know where you location will be, when you will begin selling, and what new products or services you are offering during the new season.

If you are looking to start a seasonal business, avoid making the mistakes above. A seasonal business can be truly successful.

About the guest post author: This article was written by Marina. An online entrepreneur and co-owner of 1001Shops that offers retail specialty products like modern wall clock, corner etagere, floor lamps and lot more.