Advanced IP Scanner

By | June 29, 2011

Every system administrator sometimes faces the problem of having to scan all the computers in the network. Besides, it needs to be done rapidly. Choosing the right IP Scanner software for business sometimes can be quite challenging, as there are many similar programs with no evident difference between them. However, with due diligence and short research, you would eventually find the right utility, that wouldn’t burn a hole into company’s budget. Personally, I’ve chosen Advanced IP Scanner. Why? Firstly it’s free. Secondly, it was developed by the same company as well-known remote access software Radmin, that means it is rather reliable.

Advanced IP Scanner utility gives you easy, fast access to each computer’s resources, which could range from HTTP to HTTPS, FTP to shared folders. By utilizing IP Scanner, system administrator could easily wake up or shut down the right group of Windows machines that he/she wishes to wake up/ shut down. Moreover, it is very simple in use. Maybe it doesn’t matter for a professional user, but for home users it would be an advantage for sure. IP Scanner is very useful as the addition to Radmin, remote access software, developed by the same Famatech Corp. By using the combination of Advanced IP Scanner and remote control software, you would be able to monitor and troubleshoot office computers or servers and perform activities that are available through the Helpdesk. Since you have access to the computers’ shared folders, you could retrieve any data that you need easily, anywhere and anytime you need, around-the-clock. Furthermore, you may also let your employees to securely access their office stuff from the comfort of their own home, assuring that your customers would receive timely responses and supports when they need them most.

By the way, as far as I know there was a serious disadvantage in previous versions of the program. It worked with nothing but Windows. But now it scans Mac, IPhones, whatever you need. Highly recommend this utility indeed!

About the Author: This was a guest post by Ted Bennetty.