Advice for Picking Access Recovery Software when Dealing with a Corruption

By | December 23, 2011

This is a guest post by Prett Sons.

Most of the users use Access database to store their valuable data. They can easily manage huge amount of data with the help of access database. Sometimes Access database get corrupted & we are not able access our important data.

Some users have updated backup & easily restore their database but those who do not have backup of their database!! What about those? After doing full market research I observe that user use access database recovery software in absence of backup to recover access database. Here I am going to explain about best access database recovery software features.

The software is best which worked in any access database corruption scenario. The most common are: Hardware failures, Multi-user access, Software failure, virus attacks etc.

How will you get to know that access database gets corrupted, here is some symptoms:

  • Unrecognized Database Format.
  • The Microsoft Jet Database Engine cannot open the file.
  • AOIndex is not an index in this table.
  • This database is in an unexpected state; Microsoft Access can’t open it.
  • Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • Unexpected error 35012
  • Access crashes (Invalid Page Fault/GPF) when opening the database.
  • The Visual Basic for Applications Project in this database Is Corrupt.
  • & many more

The Features that a Access Recovery Software should have to be a best software:

  • Restore Access database files: Restore mdb & accdb & also restore access database objects
  • Fast scanning : Respond to Access recovery requests in few minutes
  • Easy to use: It should easy to use interface that every user could easily understand the software.
  • Restore individual files and also multiple files: It should have feature to restores single file as well as multiple files.
  • Restore All versions of access database: It should be support all versions access database or most used versions in the market.
  • Restore All objects of access database: Provide recovery for all objects of access database such as Tables, Forms, Reports, Macros, Queries, Modules etc.
  • Restore in place or out of place. Restores objects or files directly to the default access database environment, or to user defined location.
  • Preserve original Copy of database. Option to perform recovery on copy of the database, not on the original file.
  • Search corrupt files. Search the files in seconds, if user do not know the location of the corrupt file.
  • Detailed Log report of all Restore Operations. The software have feature to audited and logged all operations so user can easily see what objects has been added or modified.
  • Installs in Minutes: The software should Installs in minutes.
  • Work in all corruption errors: The software should work in all corruption scenarios.

So these are the recommended features for choosing best Access Recovery Software.

Guest Post Author Bio: Prett Sons is a freelancer & have 2 years experience in writing articles on database recovery software & data corruption scenarios including , Access Recovery, SQL Recovery, Access database corruption, SQL database corruption etc.