Allow your Business to Thrive on Foursquare

By | March 9, 2012

A mobile (smartphone) based application, Foursquare, seems to be accumulating millions of users. Users check-in at venues using the application. Every time user checks-in, points are awarded depending upon the venue and frequency. The most frequented user at a venue is presented with the title of ‘Mayor’.

Foursquare for Business

Though Foursquare is all about check-ins and fun, it is also used by businesses. Previous version of Foursquare was looked with contempt by many businesses as it was sophisticated. Recently they launched the newer version which makes the creating of brand pages much easier. The new features allow businesses to claim their venues. Moreover, the ability to utilize recognition system and badges is also possible.

However, the real benefit comes for small businesses. The aim of small businesses is to acquire customers and retain them. In the end it is all about loyalty where Foursquare seems to be pave the path.

How much do small businesses have to pay?

The fee for creating a brand badge depends upon your business. Generally, a small fee is applied. In case the price seems to be unaffordable then Foursquare allows the creation of brand badge for free. But the free creation comes at the cost of promoting Foursquare through various channels.

How does foursquare help small businesses?

Let us suppose you run an ice-cream parlor. When a user checks-in it is logged over Foursquare. The user has a special item, pays the bill and walks off. A friend who has been shopping across the street is alerted about the special ice-cream. He/she checks-in to your parlor and orders the very ice-cream.

This is not the only way of promotion. A discount coupon can be advertised over your page. When people shopping in the nearby vicinity come to know about the offer, they would be thrilled to check-in.


Without analytics any campaign would be worthless. Foursquare, though is a mobile based application, allows analytics for businesses. The analytic provides a detailed record of the check-ins. Users, on the other hand, have the option of updating their check-in over Facebook and Twitter. It has been estimated that 25% of users update their check-ins through social networks. The analytics dashboard also allows gender and age breakdown.

Recently MomentFeed launched a service which will provide information beyond the normal check-in. Dashboards will show the regular habits of a customer and the places/venues visited before and after checking in at your venue. But this service is currently under beta.

There are always some dos and don’ts. Below are some of the most essential ones:

  1. Companies should keep the reward plain and simple. For example, 10% discount on cupcake for nth number of check-in will just be perfect.
  2. Create awareness and train your staff. Once you have created a special, Foursquare allows printing of flyers; one for customers and one for employees.
  3. Most businesses fail to use the Analytics dashboard. In a nutshell it is a place for information about your customers. Use it for maximum potential.
  4. Do not giveaway too many products. In their endeavor to attain new customers some businesses might giveaway too many products. Eventually it will lead to loss rather than profiting from Foursquare.
  5. Advertise on Foursquare. Through advertisement you will be alerting every customer in the nearby vicinity leading to more sales.

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