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By | January 21, 2011

Many of you will be monitoring your website statistics using webalizer, awstats, google analytics or use other services and packages. Also many of you will be regularly using either via their portal or automatically served up by services such as twitter.

Did you know can help you monitor the impact of your shortened links? Simply add a ‘+’ to the end of a link. becomes

This can be useful for multiple reasons. By taking a few moments to look at each of your main shortened url’s, you can gauge which shortened url is performing well. Couple that with knowledge of what accompanied the original link. i.e. a twitter message and it can help you improve your ‘message’ in the future.

Please note in the example below I’ve resized the images. records the clicks.

The referrers.

Plus the locations.

This can be incredibly useful when working with business partners, such as brand awareness and strategic partnerships. It enables your partner to monitor some of the impact of the work without access to your main statistic platform and vice versa.

Though I was surprised to see the example I used mentions ‘No Twitter conversations about this page have been found’. Surprising as the majority of the traffic for the example was in fact from twitter. Perhaps I misunderstand.

Don’t forget if you and your business partners can easily, without a login monitor these shortened url’s, then so can your competition.

The flip of that coin obviously being you can also gauge the results your competitors gain from their links and by reviewing the original text, message etc that accompanied the link you can analysis parts of their marketing campaign.

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