Apps for Surviving Your Daily Commute

By | May 14, 2012

The early morning and late afternoon commuting times are often the worst hours of the day for people who hate the difficulties in getting to and from their job. With the rise of smartphones and tablet devices, these dreaded hours no longer need to be filled with traffic jams, missed connections, and high levels of boredom. Tons of apps have been created especially for regular commuters and a person that takes advantage of these programs will discover that they can completely change the experience of getting from home to work. The right app will obviously depend on the mode of transport, but these are a few examples for each type of commuter.

Avoiding Traffic

There are tons of apps that claim to give real traffic information, but few really deliver the needed information reliably. Beat the Traffic is one such app. Combining updated construction areas, traffic hot spots, and real-time reporting of accidents, Beat the Traffic can quickly generate alternate routes when there is a problem with a person’s normal drive to work. In addition, the app incorporates live feed cameras for certain streets that are known to have traffic problems. With all of this data to process, the application can deliver accurate estimates for driving times for common destinations that a person can enter on their device. Using Beat the Traffic can easily cut a driving commuter’s time on the road by a substantial amount of time.

Making the Bus

If the bus is a person’s preferred way to commute, Next Bus will likely have them covered. The Next Bus app has been developed for use in a wide variety of cities, including London, Los Angeles, and New York, just to name a few. Unlike other apps that use static timetables, Next Bus operates on real-time data. Each public transport vehicle is equipped with satellite technology that allows the app to relay accurate information about the next arrival time to a particular situation. Next Bus is rapidly expanding and is expected to become used for public transport around the world.

What to Do

For most people, getting to the bus or train on time is only half of the commuting problem. The other part is figuring out what to do while waiting to arrive to the destination. Pulse is an app that brings all of a person’s interests together by incorporating various news streams in one easy-to-read location. With Pulse, there are no ads or dealing with websites that are poorly designed for the modern technology of mobile devices. Listening to music and reading the latest stories on Pulse will make the commute as entertaining as possible.

Getting to and from work is obviously not everyone’s idea of a good time, but with the right collection of apps, a person will be able to make it much less painful. The daily commute may not be going away anytime soon, but a person’s response to these hours of the day can be drastically improved with just a few apps on their mobile device.

About the Author: Jon is a freelance writer, currently working for Ladbrokes Games.