Are Fax 2 Email Services Worth Investing In?

By | February 24, 2012

Guest Post Author Bio: ‘This article was written by Stephanie Wagner, a freelance author writing about technology, small business and investment. She is not associated with Aplus but can recommend them for quality Fax 2 email services.’

Fax to email is great solution for businesses and organizations everywhere. The service works by connecting a fax number directly to your email address, so whenever anybody sends you a fax, you will be able to view it immediately in your email browser. This great technology is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves you time and money. Fax to email is the go to option for many businesses, so take the time to find out more and learn about the various advantages of using such a service over a traditional fax machine.

Communication Anywhere

One of the greatest advantages of fax to email is that you can view your received faxes from anywhere. No matter where you are in the world you can check your email account and instantly see any faxes that have been sent to you. No need to be in the office and no need to be tied to your landline number. With fax to email you can stay mobile in today’s increasingly wireless world. You can also respond instantly to business inquiries, give feedback on important documents immediately and never be out of touch with your business.

Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of using such a service is there is no need for you to invest in a fax machine. This means a significant office cost can be completely written off, as well as the additional maintenance costs needed to keep it running. Other savings include paper and ink cartridge refills. In fact if you’ve run a fax machine previously you’ll realise the savings immediately. All your received documents will be viewable on your computer, keeping your office paper-free and saving you money. Another saving is in the reduction of addition phone lines to deal with fax.

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing your consumption of paper and ink is a great way to help protect the environment. Use fewer trees and reduce your carbon footprint by using less paper and not consuming the electricity needed to run a fax machine. With fax to email you will not only become more efficient, but also reduce your work’s impact on the environment.

Improve Confidentiality

Using fax to email ensures that you will be the only recipient of any documents you receive by fax. So no longer will your confidential documents be printing out in the office for all to see. Once received the fax message will be forwarded directly to your email account, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

As you can see fax to email is a great option for any business where efficiency and saving money are priorities. Users of fax to email services can receive all their documents by fax in their email inbox, saving time and allowing them to receive documents from anywhere, whether they are at home, in the office, or anywhere in the world. Not only will it allow you to reduce office costs, but also reduce your environmental impact, while improving the privacy and confidentiality of your messages. Clearly this is a great option for modern businesses.