Are you compliant with your software licensing?

By | October 5, 2011

As IT software becomes increasingly vital in the continued success of running a company, it is also ever more important to implement a management, control and protection system for your software assets.

It is essential to look into adopting the use of a Software Asset Management programme in order to facilitate this. Implementing a ‘SAM’ system, assists in ensuring that the correct software licences are obtained in order to avoid large fines due to non-compliance should you be investigated by the BSA. A software asset management programme checks that all licences are in date and relevant to your requirements.

As IT has developed and cloud computing has become standard practise, deciphering which licences you require can be a very difficult and arduous task. Ever more specialist knowledge is required as now you need only one licence per average maximum number of managed viral machines rather than a new licence per installed server.

If the task of ensuring that all software licences are up to date falls to one individual within your organisation then it is essential that this person has a sound understanding of copyright laws involved in the licencing process in order to prevent errors which could lead not only to your company being fined but, more seriously, being sued for copyright infringement.

Adopting a software asset management system to check and run this on behalf of your company will ensure specialist attention is placed on licensing and copyright. As a result, your company could quite possibly save money due to only purchasing the licences required and nothing more resulting in peace of mind that you will not be fined for having the wrong licences.

Of course, building a strong relationship with a software reseller will ensure that the correct software licences are purchased. Your reseller may also suggest opting for a ‘Managed Service. This service consists of a team of dedicated professionals who take on the responsibility of maintaining up-to-date and accurate software licensing information. This in turn enables you to keep accurate records of all the licence types and proof of licences; thus resulting in total compliance with the law.

This process is known as Software Asset Management and to maintain a SAM system will ensure you can always be confident of your total software licensing compliance.

Note by the editor: This was a guest post.