Best 5 Ways To Make Money Online With Discount Coupon Affiliate Opportunity

By | November 28, 2011

Do you want to increase your online earnings?

Affiliate marketing has been the easiest and profitable income earner for most successful marketers. The core aspect of this business model is sending targeted traffic to a high converting offer. However, I found out that the competition is growing by the day. In the past few years, you could easily make $1,000 – $5,000 per month with few targeted traffic.

But all that have changed now. Everyone is venturing into affiliate marketing because of its simplicity. If you lack creativity, you may not enjoy the profit available. What’s left right now?

Coupon Affiliate Opportunity

Online shopping is popular and as there are unending streams of events and occasions around the world, you won’t run out of buying prospects. Prospects that are searching for coupon and discount deals are already pre-sold. They’re anxiously flapping their credit card on the Computer screen looking for that lucky web store to spend their money.

And when someone buys a product and save, they’ve no regrets whatsoever. For instance, if a customer looks for 6pm coupon discounts in order to save some money on shoes, he/she would take worthy steps to grab that viable code. It’s also the same for online shoppers who search for sittercity coupon codes. They are hot buyers already.

1. Build Micro Coupon Blogs

Search engine organic traffic is the best performing traffic ever. If you know how to do your optimization well, you would attract a bunch of these targeted visitors and convert them into buyers.

Therefore, start building your micro coupon blogs. The word “micro” means small. It means you shouldn’t targeted hundreds of shopping keywords. Instead, look for the hot trends for the season and get a domain name on it. Once you’ve the keywords on your domain name, Google and other search engines would determine your target audience.

Typically, you could get your micro coupon blog on Google top 10 within 2 months. Make sure you don’t stuff keywords. Simply write quality articles and link to your coupon affiliate offer via your customized link. Sit back and earn some real commissions.

2. Build A List And Follow Up

The money is in the list. Countless times, this has been quoted across the web. I could imagine who formulated that phrase but believe me; the money truly is in the list. In order to promote coupon affiliate offers and rake in cool cash, building a mailing list of targeted prospects would help.

Simply find out what’s hot around the web right now. During the times of Christmas and Halloween, everyone is looking for new clothes, shoes, gadgets, electronics etc. Create a simple landing page to capture name and email address of your prospect.

In exchange for their personal details, you could giveaway valuable report, a 7-day mini course or membership access etc. When they subscribe, build a relationship with them via your follow up email sequence and creatively recommend coupon discounts to help them save when shopping for their favorite products.

3. Create a Valuable Report and Distribute

This method of making money with coupon affiliate programs doesn’t need a mailing list. The objective is to get your valuable report distributed all over the web with your affiliate hop link embedded within the contents.

If your report is informative, prospects would willingly send it to their colleagues, family and email subscribers/customers. Before you realize what’s happening, your report has scoured the whole web bringing in sales and building your credibility. Don’t be surprised to see $200 – $1000 commission sales daily in your account if everything goes well. I know it works because I’ve been doing it.

4. Connect With Social Media Users

When properly harnessed, social media marketing could bless your daily endeavors. The three social media giants: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have the potential to send targeted buyers your way if you play by the rules.

A study conducted by Social Media Examiners indicates that 76% of social media users are ardent internet shoppers. That’s a whopping amount for your profiting. But you don’t need everyone on your site, you need the right people and few of them are enough.

However, the core aim of social networking is to socialize, connect and share your opinions with others. Don’t approach social media with hard-core selling and pushy marketing systems, or your potential customers would run away. Solve problems first – money would come second!

5. Twisted Article Marketing

What’s “twisted article marketing?” That’s my term for guest posting. We all know the great benefits of this content marketing system. You should start guest posting if you want fresh targeted visitors on your blog daily.

I’ve written over 350 quality guest posts within the past 3 months and the traffic keeps coming in droves. It can help your coupon micro blog to grow. When you write articles and it’s featured on A-list blogs, it’s a three-score-system. You get fresh traffic, quality external do follow links and credibility. The traditional article marketing has gone down the drain, because of content farming and Google has to release her weird panda to eat them up.

Guest posting will never diminish as long as we abide by the rules of quality, natural keyword insertion and effective linking system.

There you’ve it. The best 5 marketing systems to make money online with coupon affiliate opportunity. It’s rare to find such marketing systems explained on the web, but you’ve it on a platter. Make my efforts in writing this quality post pay off – take action today and pay your bills. Will you?


Mikolo Chi has used guest posting, as he details above, to promote his site where he has thoroughly reviewed Sittercity and their discount deals. His site is also affiliated with 6pm, and displays the store’s discount coupons. Sittercity is an organization that helps parents find baby sitters and nannies near them. 6pm is a large retailer of shoes, clothes, and bags.