Best Accounting and Finance Apps for Small Businesses

By | November 17, 2011

You may not have thought of putting your business finances on your iPad, but having all of your accounting information wherever you go can be very convenient for you and for others involved in your business. These financial applications are truly the future of accounting, and should be considered by all small businesses.

FinancialForce Mobile created this application and, basically, made a mobile version of their website. This cloud accounting system will give the user access to bank accounts, transactions and invoices, and allow them to share this information with others on the cloud, but it goes beyond basic bookkeeping tasks. With this application, you can put together accurate orders and invoices, use fewer resources for billing and ordering, and see real-time reports.

QuickBooks Mobile

This app is used to maintain customer information, create and send estimates, invoices, and sales receipts, and check balances and much more while you are on the go. It is free to those who use QuickBooks online, and others can buy a subscription with a 30 day free trial.


This free application is an economical way to start your business accounting on your iPad. With Expensify, you can import purchase transactions from your credit cards and bank accounts to track your purchases, and create a receipt for most purchases that are less than $75. If you use cash, you can scan the receipt to import the date, business, and the amount of the purchase so you don’t have to create your own entry for a cash expense. You can also use this app to separate your business and personal expenses by tracking mileage used on a vehicle, as well as many other great features.

Easy Books
Easy Books is mainly used for double-entry book keeping. The basic application is free, but you will need to pay for each feature you choose to activate. This means you won’t have to pay for those features that you know you won’t need. You can maintain all of your accounts and easily enter any additions or changes you may have. The application will automatically link commonly used accounts and you can set recurring transactions to help save you time and money.


This particular application has a very large number of satisfied users. With this application, you can do your accounting online and see real-time figures of your statements. You can also import bank transactions, create and send invoices, and chose other add-ons to help your business grow. All of this information can be sent to your accountant, bookkeeper, or any other person you see fit in order to get advice or check your accounts. You can collaborate with these people online for free, and you will decide exactly what information each person is able to see.

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