BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing now an Option in the UK

By | March 12, 2012

Mobile conferencing on BlackBerry phones is now available to customers in the UK. Research in Motion has made this available to their customers through a mobile conferencing app. With availability of this app, customers will find it much easier now to join conference calls from their BlackBerry phone. Additionally, scheduling a conference call has gotten much simpler as well. BlackBerry customers in the UK can find the app for download at the BlackBerry App world. There is no fee for downloading this app which makes this news even better.

What the new app does is make it possible to take conferencing and put it all in a simple join now button. This makes it both simple and efficient to join a conference call when using a BlackBerry device. All it takes is a single click. Scheduling an upcoming conference call is just as simple using two steps. The BlackBerry Calendar is used in conjunction with the handset owner’s profiles for conference calls. When the app is downloading, this profile will need to be established.

As mentioned, one of the key features of this conferencing app is the one click to join a call button. When conference calls are scheduled ahead of time, a pop up message comes up reminding the phone user to join the call. A button called the join now button must be pressed. Pressing this button leads the BlackBerry to go ahead and connect the call. Sometimes during a conference call, one part may find that they have become disconnected or that they need to briefly remove themselves from the call. If either situation occurs, it is very simple to get back into the conference call. The app will show a reconnect button. Clicking this causes the connection to be redialed and then restored. This app is another way that RIM is making it easier for their Blackberry mobiles to be used in a number of business applications.

About the Guest Post Author: Lori Montoya is a freelance writer investigating the converging worlds of technology and small business.