Have a blog? Setup ‘subscribe by email’ using Feedburner

By | January 11, 2010

There are many ways to communicate you’ve updated your blog. Subscribing via email though is often overlooked by smaller blogs. Now ‘serious’ bloggers will suggest solutions like ‘aweber’, which I’ve read good reviews and you should probably research. However i’ve seen popular blogs using feedburner’s subscribe via email service. It all depends on your requirements. Call me naive if you wish, but I quite like Google’s feedburner service.

The setup

Within five minutes of setting up your feedburner account you can have a subscribe via email option up and running on your blog. You configure the options, feedburner gives you the html code. Then if your a wordpress user you paste this via the ‘widgets’ section as html.  et voila.


– You configure the ‘Email Subscriptions’ via feedburner’s ‘publicize’ tab.

– Don’t forget to modify ‘communication preferences’ also found via the ‘publicize’ tab to configure the email address you wish to use.  So that during all aspects of the subscription your personal google account email address is not sent out. Instead you could setup a specific address for your blog.

– Recommend setting the ‘delivery’ options. So you get to choose when you want your target audience to receive the emails.

Mini FAQ

Q. Can I view how many subscribers I have?

A. Yes via ‘Publicize’ and then ‘Subscription Management’.

Q. Can I see a list of my subscribers and export this list?

A. Yes you can see a list of all subscribers email addresses and export the list via csv (which can be read in excel for instance). However do not be a fool. People have only signed up to your blog. Don’t abuse their trust in subscribing.

The visitor experience….

Then when someone wishes to subscribe and click the link, they are presented with a captcha window and a box to fill in their email address. Feedburner sends them an email to confirm and they are subscribed. Then every blog post they receive via email, contains an unsubscribe option and mentions the service is powered by google.

So another nifty service offered by google. You can find feedburner here: link . However don’t forget to subscribe to Small Business Tech’s own posts via email.

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