Blogging Inspiration

By | September 13, 2010

For many small businesses having a blog is a hindrance a headache with no apparent cure. Soon left alone, neglected and would gather dust if they could.

So I thought I would write some tips for those in doubt to how they can kick start their blog. So the first being limit your word count! If your new to blogging set yourself a limit, say two to four hundred words. If you are passionate about a subject you should be able to fill that easily, if you are not then you should just about be able to struggle across the finishing line.

Secondly if you have limited time then try and batch your writing time. With most blogging platforms you can set the publishing times. This means you can write two or three blogs in one go and set them to publish weekly.

Thirdly write a list of subjects to write about. Naturally there will be some subjects such as promotions etc that you probably can only write closer to the time. However there could be many other subjects that you can write about months in advance.

Get the whole team involved. If you’re a small business having the a sales rep or a director writing the posts could seriously limit your message and how your business comes across. Ask the team for suggestions and to submit posts for consideration.

Fifthly set aside time for writing your content. You can always save drafts, but giving yourself time in your busy schedule and it will make a huge difference. There is always something to be getting on with in a small business. It is just a question of ‘how important is your blog?’. Personally I think they are very important, especially as I think face to face meetings are declining and being replaced by other practices.

So as you might have noticed (or not) the Small Business Tech blog hasn’t been publishing new articles itself recently. Well that is changing with this blog post. Plus if you fancy writing a guest post check out the link in the top menu.