Boosting Your Income Using Online Tools

By | May 7, 2011

If you are self-employed and work from home, or are the manager of a small business, you’ve probably experienced times when the work is not flowing as much as you would like. There is only so much sales and marketing you can do in an attempt to keep the sales funnel topped up, but sometimes it can be particularly tough.

This is not helped, of course, by the global recession that we still find ourselves in.

Thankfully however, it is 2011 and there is a plethora of opportunity at your fingertips which can be accessed online. No, I’m not talking about the ludicrous get rich quick schemes which promise mountains of gold in exchange for 2 hours a week of your time; I’m talking about real, grassroots opportunities which when used correctly can be a great way to supplement your business income.

Blogging for money

Head over to and open up a blog for free. Base it on your interests and update it regularly (once or twice a week) with useful information. Over time, you can develop a readership and attract traffic via search engines, and when this time comes you could place ads or sell ad space on your blog. This will generate supplementary income.

This is not a quick way of earning money though and is a project you will look to implement over a long period.

If you can offer a service to people – and that might be writing about your favourite topic, taking photographs or creating graphics – you can offer these services on and earn small amounts of money doing so.

This is a pretty nifty way of getting your hands on some extra cash when the customers for your main business are not there; it also helps to fill the gaps if you find yourself with little work on.

There are countless other ways to generate side income online, but if I can give any advice it would be to not allow yourself to get bogged down with this and concentrate on your main business first and foremost. Earning money online can be scaled up but it’s very difficult; personally I reserve this to generate additional income and hit it harder when work is slow.

Guest post written by Matt Saunders of – The tools to push your business forward