Building An Online Presence With A Small Business

By | June 20, 2011

There are all sorts of aspects to setting up a small business today, but most small businesses require a certain amount of technology, and more than anything else, perhaps, that technology includes an online presence. Now, the core of any online presence is your website. It’s not half as hard to set up a website as many people believe, and you don’t always need to go to a software professional. Yes, perhaps if you have no experience in building a website, you may need to go to a professional who will create a website for you. But actually there are cheaper ways to do this, especially  if you’re starting a small business and need to conserve resources.

For one thing, it’s not that hard to create the basics of your website using WordPress, for example, which gives you all the site-building tools you require. Yes, all websites created in WordPress tend to look similar, but that’s not a problem when you’re setting out. Now, you need a few things when you’re creating a site, and we’ll review these things.

The first thing that you need is your domain name, which will be the name that your website is known by. You need to be very careful when choosing this name, because it needs to be unique enough that your customers will identify with it, and will identify you by it, which is perhaps more important. But it also needs to be something simple enough that they’ll remember it easily. This may sound a simple enough task, but actually it isn’t, because there are millions of websites out there, and to choose a domain name that hasn’t already been taken and which is sufficiently original can be very difficult indeed.

There are websites on the net that will allow you to check whether a domain name is available and which will allow you to buy it at once if it is. Most domain names aren’t very expensive and will only set you back a few dollars per year. This is well worth the cost. One thing you need to be careful about is that your domain name does not lapse. If you choose a domain name that you really like and you’re quite sure that you’re going to be in business for the next five years or so, then I would suggest that you take that domain name for the nest five years or so, because there are lots of predatory companies online who are on the look out for domain names that have lapsed.

Let’s say you set up a company with a lovely website built up around a certain domain name and over the next three years you build a significant online presence, and people get to know and like your website – you have a lot of visitors, and you rise high in the Google rankings, and then around three years from when you set up your website your domain name suddenly lapses. And one of these predatory companies goes in there and buys it up.

Now what happens is you’ll suddenly find yourself without a right to use your own domain name. and this company which bought your domain name will then contact you and offer to sell you  back your domain name at a rather exorbitant fee. And if you don’t agree to pay that fee, they’ll sell your domain name to the highest bidder who will then inherit all your customers.

You see, it’s a form of extortion, so it’s well to be careful and to book your domain name years in advance. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll set up a beautiful, and inexpensive site.

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