Can Twitter Change Destiny of Your Graphic Design Business?

By | March 9, 2012

If you own a graphic design India company, using Twitter can be a good way to enhance awareness about it. You can also use Twitter to find clients and tweet about latest company news and events. If you already possess a Twitter account, you can take help of the following tips to boost profit rates of your company. In case you do not have an account yet, create it and spread awareness about your graphic design business.

Here are few ways you can make the most of Twitter.

Create an Interesting Bio

If you want people to follow you, start by creating an informative biography. This step is important because most avoid following people who provide vague details about themselves. Do not forget to include your website’s URL in the ‘more information’ section.


Though this is an obvious strategy, some companies ignore it. The result is that they fail to attract interest of the audience.

If you want to boost sales rate of your company, start by socializing. Share your experiences with people included in your network, post links related to your business and other areas of interest, follow people you like-famous designers, and others whom you find intriguing.

If you socialize regularly and interact with people who belong to your industry (or related industries), it will definitely boost your business in the long run.

Follow your Business Competitors

Identify your competitors and start following them. Such a strategy will help you to understand their policies and target audience. For best results, evaluate activities of your competitors and note them down.

However, avoid copying their strategies because people prefer original ideas. Also, stealing strategies may prompt your competitors to sue you. To stay on the safe side, come up with unique strategies that will help your company to stand out amongst others.

Opt For the ‘Search’ Function

The search function is a valuable and yet, ignored thing on Twitter. To make the most of Twitter, start by utilizing the search function. If you require a graphic designer, for example, type ‘Graphic Designer’ in the search box. Thousands of relevant results will come up. Check them carefully and select the ones that fulfill your requirements.

Post Interesting Tweets

Some companies commit the mistake of posting tweets, just for the sake of it. The result is that the tweets fail to impress the target audience. To avoid such a situation, try to post intriguing and thought-provoking tweets. Also, go beyond your business interests and post tweets, offering help or sympathy to people in distress. This will help you to create a positive image of your company.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Most people cannot resist offers that are available for free. Utilize this psychology to boost your business. For example, you can offer freebies, which your Twitter followers can download. You can also offer them discounted rates for your services. Opting for such strategies will make your followers feel special and convince them that your services offer value for money.

Twitter can be a great site for marketing your company and enhancing its sales rate. However, avoid using aggressive marketing strategies because they may irritate people. Rather, stick to subtle marketing techniques.

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