Can’t open Intuit QuickBooks File

By | May 3, 2011

QuickBooks is an small business accounting software that helps you save time by efficiently organizing all your business activities in one place. It creates instant reports and keeps track of company’s sales, expenses etc. Its in-built business planning tools are tailored to meet your business needs. The QuickBooks database (or.QBW ) file is prone to corruption. As the QBW file holds crucial business information, any kind of corruption in the file would lead to severe consequences. It would make all the data stored in the file inaccessible. In such circumstances, you should repair corrupt QuickBooks file to recover all the lost data.

For instance, when you try opening a file in QuickBooks 2009, you may come across the following error message:

“(-6000,-816): QuickBooks was unable to open the company file because the file is in use. Another person may be in the process of opening the company file.”


The below given reasons may be responsible for the above error-

  • The Auto-Protect Scanning feature of Symantec Endpoint Protection may be causing problems in the smooth running of QuickBooks application.
  • Another program may be using the company file.
  • The QBW file may be corrupt
  • A third-party backup utility may be present in your system that scans QBW files while they are open.


Follow the below given steps to repair QBW files-

  • Contact Symantec: Follow the Symantec’s recommendation to resolve the above error. You may go through the Symantec’s knowledge-base articles.
  • Repair QuickBooks file: You should perform the following steps to repair corrupt QuickBooks file:

◦   Restart the system in which the company file is stored.

◦   On the server system, start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

◦   Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server and see that the company files shared folder appears in the following applet:

“Folders that contain QuickBooks company files”

◦   Create a copy of the company file present on the server in your local system.

◦   Open the file in your local system.

◦   Close and copy this file back to the company files shared folder on the server and rename the file.

◦   Start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on server and scan the file you just copied and renamed.

◦   Now, try opening the file on the server from your local system.

If the problem still persists, you should take help of a proficient repair quickbooks files tool. These software recover critical information pertaining to employees, customers, vendors etc. They also recover chart of accounts, items and services etc. and include support for multiple currencies.

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  1. Lori Brooks

    Another possible solution is to download a tool from the Intuit (makers of QuickBooks) website called “QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool”. I have found this useful when having problems opening a QuickBooks file.

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    Hi Lori,

    Cheers for the feedback.

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