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Tips for Leaving an Organisation

This blog post blends a mixture of tech and common sense knowledge together, providing tips for leaving an organisation. Note: You use these tips at your own risk! This blog post has been written based upon experience and observation of UK employment.   Tip 1 – Reconsider whether you should leave the job now. Don’t… Read More »

Why Your Business Needs To Be Online

How long has it been since you’ve used the Yellow Pages for something? Not the Yellow Pages website, but the actual book itself, chunky and inconvenient as it is? I know the last time I used it was to chock up the leg of a table that had broken. Before that, I can’t remember. With… Read More »

Don’t Dream of Setting Up a Business, Do It!

We all dream of better things. This might be a bigger or better house, a nicer car, or a better career. It could be your dream is to work for yourself and be your own boss. You might even have a rough idea of what sort of business you want to set up, but you… Read More »

7 Tips for Keeping Your Business Afloat During Economic Recession

Helping a business to survive economic recession is one of the most challenging things that a business owner must do these days. As you might already know, even the small businesses are important for the current economic structure especially because they represent an essential part of the big picture. However, we all know that with… Read More »