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How to Securely Wipe a Hard Drive

Are you considering giving away or disposing of a hard drive? This blog post tells you how to securely wipe a hard drive. Note: You use this ‘how to’ guide at your own risk! You definitely don’t want to get rid of a hard drive without securely wiping it. This doesn’t just include if you… Read More »

Recovering files from a faulty hard drive

If your hard drive is unable to boot due to a corruption, it still could be possible to recover important files from the hard drive. This article runs through just one example of recovering files. In the example scenario below the hard drive in question is a linux partition, but the instructions below would work… Read More »

Setting up and using a cheap NAS box (35-hd-dualide-nas)

I’ve used and managed servers for many years from server rooms filled full of unix systems to smaller installs with NT4, 2000 servers and recently linux distro’s….. so what made me consider a cheap NAS (network attached storage) box, instead of a larger system and what was my experience? In this case the nas box was a 35-HD-Dualide-Nas… Read More »