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Backup Tips for Freelancers

I thought it was time to chuck some outstanding backup tips for freelancers your way. Though naturally these tips are not just applicable to freelancers, but also cover numerous other circumstances.   Give your email a good old squeeze! This advice is for those using an email client application with messages stored on their computer.… Read More »

Should Your Office Be Dialed-In to VoIP?

As a larger percentage of smaller businesses look to cut costs and still increase their return on investment (ROI), turning to VoIP phone service is a great means by which to do just that. According to research from Instat, close to 80 percent of businesses will be using VoIP by 2013, leading more and more… Read More »

Employer vs. Employee

A professional job is essential to meet the current needs and to save for the future. Whether you are in a job (employee) or own a business (employer), you have to be diligent and hard working, without which you cannot succeed. Whether you are a salaried person or have a business of your own depends… Read More »