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How to install Apache, MySQL and PHP in Ubuntu

Need to know how to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on linux for an in-house development requirement? This support page is ideal for those using Ubuntu or Xubuntu, as the guide was written with those development systems in mind. However we are not providing security advice below, so please bare that in mind. Note: This… Read More »

How to migrate Thunderbird email in Ubuntu

Migrating Mozilla Thunderbird email between computer systems isn’t as hard as you would think. Often people are restoring their email from a backup to a new computer. Other times migrating between computer systems, after an upgrade. Sometimes users are changing between Ubuntu and Xubuntu. These instructions for migrating email apply to both Ubuntu and Xubuntu… Read More »

How to speed up Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 doesn’t just come on shiny new computer systems, but also is brought for older systems. However regardless of whether you are running Microsoft Windows 7 on a new or old computer system, performance can be an issue. Now before we get started with our tips, we will say that in most situations… Read More »