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Encryption Made Easy!

This blog post is all about encryption for small businesses and freelancers. More specifically this blog post provides some insight into different uses for encryption, and whilst this blog post isn’t aimed at Enterprise level businesses, smaller businesses and home users, should find this post insightful. This blog post does not cover how secure encryption… Read More »

Websites – Tips for dealing with ex-employees

This article is about dealing with ex-employees where websites and related data are concerned. Often website owners will hire others to work on their websites, either as one-off assignments, else on an ongoing basis. This can help move the website project forward, and add new features, that perhaps the website owners wasn’t capable of producing… Read More »

The Three Pillars of Web Security

This is the age of information, and providing your users with Internet access enables them to access the information they need to help the company remain competitive, aware, and responsive to customer needs. It can also present significant risks to the security of your IT systems, the safety of your critical data, the privacy of… Read More »

Best Practices for Network Vulnerability Scanning

You know that vulnerability scanning is an important part of your network security process, but you’re not really sure where to begin. Been there, done that, and know exactly how you feel. The idea of scanning your network can seem daunting, and then, what do you do with all the results? In this article we’ll… Read More »