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How to Merge two RSS feeds using Yahoo Pipes

It is important that you make sure you don’t merge RSS you don’t have permission to do so. This advice is written for those merging RSS feeds that they pay for as part of their own hosting packages. Yahoo Pipes is an extremely powerful service and merging two rss feeds is extremely easy. It is… Read More »

How to remove / withdraw a LinkedIn connection request

I wanted to remove / withdraw a LinkedIn connection request. Which luckily it is relatively easy to do. My personal reason was I didn’t want an old LinkedIn connection request outstanding for months. I’m now suggesting people request a connection with me, rather than vice versa. Click on ‘Inbox’ in the top menu. From the… Read More »

Making Sure You Get the Best Internet Connection for Your Business

Business owners live in a day and age where it is practically impossible to run a business without access to the internet. Whether it is simply checking email or searching for needed information, to database management and a growing web presence with a website and social media, if your internet connection is not working, you’re… Read More »

The Cloud: A Level Playing Field for SMBs

If you had to guess, how many times have you heard the term “cloud computing” in the past 12 months? The cloud has existed for more than a decade as a tentative concept. Larry Ellison brought his idea of “network computers” to Charlie Rose in 1996, and at an Apple conference the late Steve Jobs… Read More »