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Facebook and LinkedIn Removal How To Guide

This blog post shows you how to remove some types of connections and data on the social networks Facebook and LinkedIn. From tidying up your social network profiles, to deleting / pulling endorsements and recommendations, this blog post acts as a useful guide worthy of bookmarking for later reference.   How to delete / remove… Read More »

Yammer – Twitter for Business

Yammer ( a twitter like experience for business users was initially recommended to us by Richard McKay via twitter. Thanks Richard. All those who share the same domain for their business email addresses can sign up and are automatically added to a private network for that domain name. You setup your profile, configure how… Read More »

Wishful thinking?

I saw a facebook group for a pub the other day and this got me thinking…. I wish some of the businesses and organisations I know did the following: That the Indian restaurant down the road had a twitter account. Then occasionally a twitter about whats hot (literally) and whats new with a promotion word… Read More »