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How to separate / split a Thunderbird profile into two

This blog post is about how to separate / split a Thunderbird profile into two. I realised that it was unwise to keep my personal and work email under one Mozilla Thunderbird profile. Even though I had configured the email package not to automatically check for personal email, it was at times too tempting to… Read More »

Serif DrawPlus X6 Review – Graphics Design Package

This is a review of the graphic design package Serif DrawPlus X6. Writing this review was good timing, as I had an actual requirement for the package. However like most people, I use the same small collection of packages on a daily basis, and could I easily adapt to another? Plus given that I’m no… Read More »

How to Delete Email using Telnet

Removing mail from a server can be an issue sometimes. Perhaps you have an inbox which contains a large email you would rather not have, and is causing a download problem? Sometimes people will try and send large email attachments, rather than using technologies such as dropbox. Other times when using a slow internet connection… Read More »