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Tips for online shop owners and contributors

This blog post provides a juicy selection of tips for people who run online shops. Online shops are everywhere these days! You turn a corner on the internet high-way and someone is trying to sell you something! A major problem, especially for small business owners, is properly presenting their products and services in their shops,… Read More »

Free time over Christmas? Ideas for improving your website

This blog post is for those with a bit of free time over Christmas. Personally I have no intention of working over the Christmas period, unless needs must. However I know many people who will spend a bit of time, working on their websites over Christmas, so I am writing this post with those website… Read More »

Website Performance – Using the CloudFlare CDN service

This article is about the CloudFlare CDN service, helps improve website performance, as well as providing security features. Note: This is a guest post, but not written on behalf of CloudFlare. Most people understand how a website cache works. Usually it takes the form of regularly accessed database queries being saved as static files, which… Read More »

Give your website some oomph!

A website can by any number of things, but most would agree it should be informative, providing the content that a person seeks, or a means to obtain something. However what many websites fail at, is to provide a good user experience. A website needs some ‘oomph!’. You need to quickly impress your website visitors,… Read More »