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Website Builder – Serif WebPlus X6 Review

This is a review of Serif’s latest website builder package called Serif WebPlus X6. Before I begin the review, I must clearly state this isn’t a paid review. I decided I was in a good position to give a good honest review of this software, given my many years of working on websites. So before… Read More »

Basic Website Hosting FAQ

Welcome to our basic website hosting FAQ. These frequently asked questions and answers are aimed at website novices. The answers below are to questions many website novices often find themselves asking. Q. Does the same company have to manage both my domain and website hosting? A. No, your domain can be managed by one firm,… Read More »

Domain Name Management FAQ

This article contains FAQ for managing domain names. It ranges from the simple to complex and if you own a domain, you probably should bookmark this page. Q. How can I point domain to another server? A. To answer this properly, we need to provide some background. First of all it all depends on what… Read More »

FAQ for New Website Administrators

When you are new to websites there are many questions that need answering. The truth is you never stop trying to find answers to questions, as you continue your own personal development as a website owner, as well as developing your website. This FAQ answers some of the basic questions that new website owners will… Read More »