Cloud Computing Services: Advantages and Limitations

By | November 1, 2011

Almost every enterprise solutions company and hosting services provider is talking about Cloud Computing Services today. Cloud Computing Companies have proved themselves to be very useful and cost effective, which is why their benefits and limitations are worth a look at.

Let us start with the various limitations that cloud services have featured:

  • Data transfer over cloud is chargeable. When you are accessing cloud services, you will have to pay a fee for the data you transfer
  • If you are working with a huge amount of data, it will not be a good idea to work with cloud. Migration of huge amount of data is not possible on cloud, and can be done only up to a certain limit
  • Cloud Computing Services enables you to work with third party hardware and software. This means that you do not have complete control on the remote servers that you are working with.
  • Security can be a problem with Cloud Computing Companies. Since the software and the server setup is managed by a third party, you do not get a clear idea about how secured their servers may be.
  • Similarly, your information is located in third party servers, which again puts you in a vulnerable position with security.

Now that we have a fair idea on the limitations, let us look at the benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • When you choose to deal with a reliable brand name, you can work with high end technologies and state of the art infrastructure without having to purchase such a setup. This is a huge advantage for enterprises.
  • The biggest Cloud Computing Services providers offer a high level of security, enabling you to add the maximum safety to your data.
  • You get to enjoy managed hosting services at a much lower cost of operation than what you would have seen if you had to set it up on your own and manage it through your employees.
  • Regular data backup procedures add to the advantages of working with Cloud Computing Companies. Even if your system crashes, you can rest assured that your data is safe with your cloud partner.
  • A good cloud services company will always offer you efficient and friendly technical support, whenever you need it. This is a huge benefit for your business as you can always get things sorted out by experts in case there are any problems or if any emergencies arise.

It is very evident that all the limitations of cloud computing can be worked around if your Cloud Computing Services provider is a reliable and reputed company. Therefore the secret lies in selecting the right company to work with if you want the best results with cloud services.

Author Bio: Aaleyah Anderson is a content writer, who is sharing her knowledge regarding Cloud Computing Services and Cloud Computing Companies.