CMS For Housewives

By | March 19, 2012

As a full time mother working from home, I know a great deal of other mothers who don’t just want to be housewives, but who also want to work by running their own business from home. Often they would like to sell different stuff for children, consult or hold trainings for future and less experienced parents, provide day care and other related services. For that matter they of course need a website, and I often hear them talk about this mysterious ‘CMS’ thing and what it’s all about.

Content Management System – that’s what CMS stands for – is basically necessary for any website to manage different types of content, either it’s textual or visual.

CMS fit both websites developers and users without specific technical background as they don’t require any knowledge of .NET, ASP or HTML yet they do complicated tasks that even website developers can use in their work. Adding and removing content, uploading images and videos, creating new pages, links and buttons – is all what Content Management Systems cover.

Content Management Systems are perfect for small businesses as well as for individuals who would like to create and run a website without having to spend a lot of time on learning the detailed specifics of website development.

Content Management Systems are also pretty flexible. The can be easily changed, and they work based on templates that are selected through features for any particular webpage or section of the site. If you would like to add an image to the CMS, all you have to do is upload a photo of .jpg or .png format into the according area (either it’s a header, a footer or the center), and once the upload is over, press OK.

There is a great number of companies offering CMS products, and choosing the one that best suits your particular needs may become a real issue. Where to stop and which one to choose? Depending on the type of online business you are intending to run, your requirements may differ. But either you’re planning to deal with a Stock Management and you’re going to need a Business Management Software, or you only require the simplest CMS there is – stick to those providers who offer on-going support and who help with the initial system setup and navigation. With such an approach (get all the help you can) starting your business from home will become an actual reality.

Guest Post Author: Elena Bizina, Marketing department of Holbi. Takes particular interest in eCommerce industry to learn from top professionals and share with beginners like herself. In the past  – an English teacher and a Business Development Manager, at present – a full-time mother and a part-time Assistant to Marketing Manager whose core responsibilities are researching the eCommerce industry and writing about it.