Computer upgrade: Install a new graphics card

By | September 3, 2009

Graphics cards have hugely come down in price and are a good upgrade to consider if required. So I brought a new agp graphics card for my desktop computer via ebay. I know agp is old tech now, but it is the last planned upgrade for the computer and gives it a nice bit of oomph for a very cheap price.

However it left me with a spare agp graphics card that was perviously in the computer…. so I decided to install it into my server that was using an onboard graphics chipset and had a spare agp slot.

Here are the steps I took:

1) Attached and put on my anti static wrist strap (below is a picture of the anti static strap and card). Anti static wrist straps are very cheap and a good purchase.

clip and card

2) In the case you can see the agp slot (one at top with green border and looks different to pci).

agp slot

3) Removed a slot plate for the case and then inserted the graphics card carefully.

card in slot

Be warned make sure you check your warranty first. The computer I installed the card into was old and out of warranty. Also if you don’t want to install drivers via Microsoft, best visit the manufacturer / vendor site before you do the upgrade and place the drivers in a folder ready for when you turn the machine back on. The manufacturer / vendor will often have drivers and software that will improve performance and allow more configuration.