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By | May 20, 2010

I wanted to add a favicon.ico to a wordpress blog. So what is a favicon.ico file? Short for favorites icon it is often used as a website icon, and displayed next to a website url address in your web browser. All major websites have custom favicon files and you should consider having one for your website.

I regularly post book reviews and bits n bobs over at a website called Reading By Candlelight and wanted to quickly create an icon file for the site. Here is what I did:

1. Download and install ico.fx it’s a nifty free icon creation application for windows.
2. I decided to create a 32×32 icon, so clicked on new and choose that option.
3. I draw a rather bad image of a book.

4. Saved the file as favicon.ico and then uploaded to the root of your site via ftp. The same root directory you will find your index.php, .htaccess etc in. Often called www/home/html, /httpdocs, /public_html or similar.
5. I cleared my browsers cache and the icon is now displayed.

The above tips will also help for any website, not just wordpress blogs.

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