Recommendation: Evernote

By | August 26, 2008

As recommended by Richard McKay of McKay Flooring via twitter, Evernote is a service you should not overlook.

Do you suffer from any of these problems?:

  • You can’t see a lot of your desktop wallpaper? Those text documents everywhere with notes of important information to remember.
  • Post-it notes everywhere! Yes you know who you are! The post-it notes that have to be rewritten as they were so old they keep falling off.
  • The overstuffed laptop bag, backpack or briefcase that is cramped full of paperwork, receipts, business cards and that piece of hidden fruit that has a new civilization in the making growing on it.
  • The list of bookmarks that go on forever as you never have enough time to sort them, let alone actual view them.
  • A picture you took quickly on your camera phone but forgot was there for months.
  • An in-tray that has a chance of actually being empty on day? The stuff dreams are made of….

Okay I’ve gone too far, but you get the picture, this service might help some people (okay most people) become more organised, even if you don’t quite suffer with any of the problems I mentioned above!

Evernote has the ability to help you digitally store all this data as text, pictures etc and then search through via various means such as keywords, date etc and via an application for your windows, mac or via a web page or on some mobile phones.

Obviously be fully aware of what information you and your business would be willing to use via such a service. Personally I wouldn’t put any sensitive information on such a service, but there is plenty of non-sensitive bits n’ bobs lying around that I would.

Their web site has a great video demonstration with plenty of information. There are free and paid versions of the service. So why not spend a few minutes on their site?