Data theft when selling old hardware

By | September 29, 2008

The BBC have just published a news article regarding how someone brought a network device from ebay, that happened to provide vpn access to a UK council. Apparently the council are concerned but are confident of their levels of security to protect the network! I wouldn’t be and they are lucky the chap who brought it raised the problem. Thank goodness he didn’t decide to play around with network sniffing tools and more.

Small Businesses like councils and anyone else should make sure any device they no longer have use for should be disposed via set guidelines…..among them don’t leave any data that can easily be recovered or recovered at all, when in doubt seek advice and the proper support.

Data protection when selling on old hardware in the small business world is a joke and in future posts we will provide tips and advice to help you minimize your risks. Don’t forget to add the blogs rss feeds to your news reader or bookmark the site.

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    This is invaluable information. I am about to give some old computers to charity and never even thought about this. Thank you so much for this timely posting.

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