DIY Internet Marketing through Testing

By | June 6, 2011

If you have ever asked your customers for their opinions on your website, then you’ve already done some informal testing! To really improve your website’s performance, you should incorporate testing in your internet marketing strategy. You can use testing to reach your business goals, whether they are leads, sales targets or signups. In the world of internet marketing, the percentage of goals reached is known as conversation rate.


Getting Started with Testing

Testing is a useful tool that you can use to track customer behaviour. You can create different variations of your website like redesigning the landing page to feature one product or service, changing the headline to include a more direct call to action or  changing the color or text of action buttons. If you’re looking for more ideas, try this landing page analyzer to improve the effectiveness of your landing page.


With testing, you can make changes and see results in real-time. Visitors to your website will be presented with different variations of your website at random; User A will see the original (control) version of your website, User B will see Variation 1 of your website and User C might see either the original or variation version. This means that each variation will get an equal number of viewers so that you can effectively compare their behavior.


Get to Know Your Visitors

While your visitors browse your website, their mouseclicks will be tracked so you can see your goal performance. For example, if you set a goal to see how many users filled in a sign-up form, the different variations would be tested to see which yielded the best results. It should be noted that once you’ve started testing, you should continue until the test has given conclusive results. Use this split testing calculator to determine how many days to run your test.


Testing is important because you can never be sure of your customer’s behavior. Case studies have shown that featuring videos and photos on landing pages can dramatically increase a website’s conversion rate. Try implementing these variations when you test to see if they change your conversation rate!


Now that you know all about testing, you can make an informed decision on its usefulness for your online business. It is an interesting procedure that ultimately pays off when you’ve created a superior website that engages your audience and turns visitors into customers!



Anish Kothari is associated with Wingify, the company behind the world’s easiest A/B testing tool: Visual Website Optimizer. Thousands of business worldwide (including Fortune 500 companies and SMBs) use it daily to increase their online sales and conversion rates. For interesting tips on conversion rate optimization follow us on Twitter @Wingify.