Does Technological Advances Hurt or Help Job Hunters?

By | March 16, 2012

There used to be a time when all you needed to get a job was a recommendation from a friend or a killer resume. While there are situations where that will still work, an increasingly competitive job market and advances in technology are making the job search process a little more involved. Technology can be great, but does it help or hurt when you are searching for a job? There isn’t a blanket answer of yes or no. Taking a closer look, there are situations where technology certainly does help you stand out from the crowd. Conversely, there are situations where too much technology isn’t such a good thing.

Online Resume Options

Technology certainly does have its perks, especially when looking for a job. Besides creating a great resume, you can also post your resume on a resume website. Some of these websites allow you to post a video to go along with your resume. Professional sites like LinkedIn can also be a good way to get your resume seen by the right employers.

High Tech Extras

Sometimes the little extras, such as a brief video posting attached to your online resume, can sell your attributes to prospective employer. Social media has finally caught the attention of the business world. This means that you can now use your Facebook page to help land a job. To do this effectively, it is best to create a separate Facebook page. It is unlikely that a potential employer wants to know what you did on your spring break or how much fun you had at that party last weekend. Benefits of incorporating technology into your job search include:

  • Giving a potential employer a better look at your creative skills, especially if such skills are involved in the job you are seeking.
  • Presenting a better profile of who you are as a person.
  • Showing off your computer and tech skills. These days, the more tech-savvy you are, the most appealing you tend to be to an employer.
  • An easy way to network with other job seekers to share tips and get support.

It Doesn’t Have to Be One or the Other

As you embrace technology, you shouldn’t abandon the traditional resume. A well-crafted cover letter and simple one page resume can still do wonders when trying to find a job or advance your career. Realistically, a combination of old-fashioned resume sending and postings on websites tends to be more effective. Some employers find it easier to sort through a bunch of resumes and cover letters rather than going through video resumes and other high tech approaches to job hunting.

Social Media Cautions

Social media can be a doubled-edged sword. Many employers today will check a potential new hire’s online presence. Usually this is fine, but there are a few precautions to take before you actively start your job search.

  • Self-check Your Online Presence – Do a search to see what information you can find about yourself online. This is the exact same way an employer may check you out too. Remove old blog posts and delete any “questionable” YouTube videos you may have posted to your account. Go through your Facebook comments and postings and delete anything that may be inappropriate or embarrassing.
  • Use Privacy Settings – For the simple fact that you don’t always have time to keep track of what others post to your blog or social networks, it is wise to set privacy settings. Friends can still post and comment, but a potential employer cannot access your accounts. Most employers don’t mind if you have private accounts. The real concern is public postings that may reflect badly on the company you are working for at the time.

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of technology when looking for a job. In a competitive job market, there are many smart ways to incorporate websites, social networks and video clips into your job search. At the same time, it is important to keep tabs on what you post online. This includes using privacy settings and deleting old blog or forum postings and video posts. Don’t discount traditional job seeking methods either. The best approach is to combine elements from traditional methods with some high tech approaches to presenting yourself to a potential employer.

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