Ease your way into PHP with these guidelines

By | February 2, 2012

PHP is a popular web programming language that enables developers to create various web applications. Its popularity lies in the fact that it is easy to use. However, to enjoy the advantages of PHP, choosing the correct framework is important.

This is because of the fact that different PHP frameworks offer different support for communities and databases. We offer the basic features that you should look in a PHP framework. In case, you require any additional help, get in touch with a reputed PHP web development company or web development services.

Basic Features a Good PHP Framework Should Possess

Community Support

Your selected framework should possess a strong community that is willing to help you in any situation.

Documentation Support

A good PHP framework should possess an updated documentation and user guide.

Database Support

Database support is critical. For instance, CodeIgniter supports Oracle and SQLite. Kohana framework, on the other hand, does not support these. This means that you need to choose a database server that is compatible with this particular database type.

Avoid Common Errors While Selecting a Framework

  • Do not choose inconclusive or small frameworks. This is because people with vague knowledge of PHP usually create such frameworks. Opting for such frameworks can interfere with your goals.
  • Ensuring that your web server and database support your selected framework is important. Deviating from this strategy can result in complex issues.
  • Implement recommended installation procedure of the PHP framework carefully. Remember that if you install the process wrongly, you would have to deal with complicated problems.

Choosing the Correct PHP Framework

Choosing the right PHP framework demands careful consideration of several factors. We discuss these factors in brief.

  • If you are an inexperienced PHP programmer, your selection should be different from the one chosen by an advanced programmer.
  • Selecting the right PHP framework also depends on personal preferences. If you want to increase speed of the coding process, your PHP Framework should be different from the one who does not possess any such goal.

With the right PHP Framework, you can save time and yet, create unique web applications.

Brief Information about Popular PHP frameworks


This option is ideal for experienced PHP coders who are looking for easy solution for creating web applications.


It is a popular PHP framework that offers extensible architecture for creating and maintaining web applications. CakePHP can help you to save time and money.

Zend Framework

It is an object-oriented, simple framework that is written in PHP 5. Easy to use, it also comes with a loose architecture that allows developers to utilize Zend components for increasing functionality of their web applications.


As a broad application framework, it offers great support to MSSQL, Oracle, and MySQL database.


It is widely used in various production environments. Zoop is based on powerful MVC principles that can include separation of logic, data layers, and display. Efficient and extensible, it maintains a refined balance between fully-featured and lightweight.

If you have started working with PHP recently, you may face difficulty in understanding features and mechanisms of its frameworks. However, with experience and knowledge, you would be able to understand the differences between various PHP frameworks. Stay determined and happy!

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