Effective Lotus Notes recovery tool are here! So, just go for them

By | November 30, 2011

Lotus Notes application is used as a primary messaging application in most of the big organizations. It is mostly used by big organizations due to its high cost. Its hassle free features have made the application popular all over the world. Despite of its effective features, the application has some issues as well. Corruption of NSF file is one of the problems that is faced by most of the users while using Lotus Notes application. But, a question “How to solve corruption of Lotus Notes” creates confusion in your mind.

There are certain inbuilt utilities to perform recovery of corrupt Lotus Notes files. But, these inbuilt methods do not always show successful results. However, there is no need to worry about this because third party tools are still ready to help you. Anyone who is aware about “Lotus Notes Recovery” can handle the corruption of Lotus Notes within seconds. There are few good Lotus Notes recovery tools available on-line that can solve the purpose.


Discussed here is an error message that comes on the screen when an attempt is made to use a database locally with the help of a Lotus Notes e-mail client, but it remains unsuccessful. The error message looks like:

“Database (.nsf) has grown too large; use File New Replica to recreate your file with larger capacity.”

Same error message also appears when an attempt is made to perform creation of a new copy or a new replica of the database. Additionally, execution of Fixup, Compact, Updall –R also fails with the same error message. Thus, it results into a situation of data inaccessibility.


The fundamental cause responsible for the presence of above error message is the increased size limit of Lotus Notes database.


For solving the above error message, try to perform compaction on the Lotus Notes database. For applying compaction on the database, simply perform right click on it, select a database, and choose properties. From the second tab, choose the option to compact. However, if this trick does not prove helpful, then use a third party Lotus Notes recovery software to serve better.

Doing selection of a reliable third party tool is not a difficult task. It is advisable to first download a demo version of the software, as it is available with reliable third party products. One advantage of using a demo version of the tool is that there is no need to spend a single penny for it and at the same time you can well judge the competency of the product. After your complete satisfaction, purchase the full version of the software.


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