Recommended Software: Thunderbird

By | August 26, 2008

Lets get to the point, why do I like the Thunderbird email client?

  • It’s free!
  • It allows multiply profiles.
  • It has inbuilt newsgroup and rss support.
  • You can add various add ons to improve functionality.
  • The Junk (spam) mail inbuilt facility is excellent and you can train it.
  • Thunderbird can run on different operating systems… thus meaning if your team use different operating systems they all can use Thunderbird and it is very easy to transfer mail accounts from one os to another.

Recommended Add ons:

  • I use the ‘lightning’ add on for calendar and task list support within Thunderbird.
  • I use the ‘Fox Clocks’ add on that displays Cities or Countries around the world at the bottom. So it easy for me to see what time it is in a location where a business colleague is.
  • The ‘Contacts Sidebar’ makes it easier for me to manage my address book.

It is a mature email client that I would recommend over Microsoft Outlook any day of the week. In small business you have to watch costs and using Thunderbird is a good start in my humble opinion.