Engaging Facebook fans – Some Rocking tips

By | March 9, 2012

I know how hard it can be sometimes to see a steady increase in the number of real facebook fans. Sometimes, you may just run out of creative ideas that could have helped you to strike the perfect note with the targeted readers and this is not anything uncommon. Initially, things may appear easy enough as the number of followers goes up easily since you are filled with creative juice. But with the passing of time, your energy and your creative juice start wearing out and finally you are left with a blank head with no creative ideas to spark off a great debate or attract the attention of casual visitors. So, if you are also facing the same problem and trying your level best to engage your facebook fans on a daily basis, here are some tips that you may give a go:

Make Your Fanpage A Knowledge Hub: It is tough to come up with creative things or post things that have enough sparks to seize the attention of the users. So, rather banging your head against the walls in the hope of getting some creative ideas out of it, you can simply go for some informative posts. For example, if your company is offering some design services, you can easily gather information about it from Google News and then post that thing with the URL in the fan page. However, make sure you are maintaining an ideal density of informative and creative posts so that visitors can have the best of the both worlds.

Funny: People logged in to facebook with the hope of chilling out. So, if you post something that is equally interesting and funny, chances will be there that people will love it and you may see Likes are coming from all sources. You can post some funny texts that people will happily share with their friends and a viral marketing is on the way. Funny images are another great way to do the same magic. However, you need to make sure that the images are of great quality and please do some necessary changes in them to suit the purpose.

Have A face: Do not hand yourself against the logo or the brand image of your company. People really do not like talking with a person whose face is covered. Rather go straight and choose the direct path. Ask any of your trusted employees to answer queries of others and I bet this will have larger and more powerful impacts on your fan base. They will appreciate the fact that their queries are being resolved by an important member of the company and this will lead to more visitors engagement to your Facebook corporate profile.

Pictures: Pictures are more powerful than words and this ring truer when you are trying to see more visitors engagement to your facebook corporate profile. Try to post some funny images apart from the usual promotional manifesto that nobody cares to read and share. Just make sure that you are adding the watermark logo of your company at the end of the funny image and you will sure to get some exposure via this image.

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