Family Tree Folk – Genealogy Supplies Case Study

By | January 26, 2011

Mike Kostiuk is behind the business ‘Family Tree Folk’, a leading genealogy archival and gift supplier in the United Kingdom. Active across the UK at various events and a regular magazine advertiser, this article neglects all their traditional communication and marketing, instead focusing on their ‘online’ communication. You should be able to pick up some tips.

If you have important genealogy papers that require archiving, require other genealogy supplies or want to buy a genealogy gift, then it is worth visiting their website.

Started over five years ago, Family Tree Folk’s active worldwide customer base is a testament to the power of the internet. Not only do they run their own website, but they use the internet to help encourage genealogy debate and dialogue, as well seek clients.

They participate in their community, rather than talking at it.

In a business sector where historic material is often being handled, it is important to reach out and help people. Why? I’ll let Mike explain ‘Incorrect storage of valuable documents, certificates and photos in PVC wallets and non acid free boxes’, the list can go on.

So if you sell genealogy archival supplies you don’t just generate sales leads for goods, but making prospects aware of precautions they may need to take is often part of the process. This form of added value helps further define and separate Family Tree Folk from their competition. Many supplies in the genealogy world are not just nice to have, but make a vast difference to the historic legacy. Good communication and the correct supplies can have an end result being that the clients have improved and safer storage, and Family Tree Folk grow their business.

Social networks can encourage a closer customer relationship.

It is obvious that the online genealogy community is close and support one another. By working together, discussion, water cooler chat and promoting one another it helps raise the profile for all those participating and enriches the community knowledge.

Not everything has to be about sales, sometimes brand awareness is important or just being yourself, helping others and having a good chat.

Those who don’t engage, are literally left out in the cold.

Family Tree Folk also are active forum members, such as in the United Kingdom Genealogy forum. Using multiple online portals helps meet different clients and engage in different ways.

So how does Family Tree Folk keep on top of the ‘social stream’?

In the world of genealogy, old data is nothing new, but when it comes to commerce ‘real time’ updates has changed the playing field. With a foot in the traditional world and fast paced online world, Family Tree Folk use a couple of laptops to help them keep pace.

Tweetdeck helps manage the twitter conversations.

So going mobile isn’t a problem, from moving to another room to another location. Enabling quick responses to the online world and keeping conversations fresh and flowing.

Somethings don’t change between the offline and online world.

Having a strong online presence as well as a strong presence at events hasn’t changed their number one gift as Mike mentions their top selling gift – ‘Gift would be our range of magnifiers especially the LED wallet’. The needs are still the same, the communication has evolved and Family Tree Folk have evolved also.

Often companies strive to make themselves different, trying brand new services and software, but often tried and tested is best.

Using a service people are familiar with.

Family Tree Folk use Paypal for their payments. People have grown familiar with the Paypal brand, it isn’t a fresh new uncertain gateway, but a well known entity.

Adapt and expanding their reach.

In five short years the way people has changed vastly. Not only does Family Tree Folk use twitter, but recently they have setup a facebook page. Proving it is important to make sure you are on top of your current social streams, rather than trying to tackle them all at one go.

This approach, great products and their communication skills has made Family Tree Folk shine. Couple this with their close analysis of website statistics with strong SEO and their online activities are constantly moving forward.

I hope you enjoyed this case study and it has given you much to think about. Though don’t forget if you need genealogy supplies, visit or just say hello via twitter: @familytreefolk . Even if you don’t need genealogy supplies, but have an interest in family history it is worth connecting with them.

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