Finding Inspiration and Avoiding Writers Block

By | December 8, 2011

Good writing is as much about being able to find inspiration and something interesting to say as being able to write in an eloquent style. However the well often can run dry and it seems the ideas won’t ever return again. This can be a frightening and also a financially crippling problem and one that can really affect the confidence of the writer or blogger. So, how should you go about looking for inspiration if you get writer’s block and where are the more unusual places and things to consider when looking for this drive?

Look at your Stats

By looking through the stats of the people who visit your page, you may be surprised to see that people still visit even when you’ve had writers’ block and do so for months. This should be enough to motivate you – after all giving the people what they want is an essential part of blogging, whether it’s sordid opinions or important political commentary.


AdSense may also offer you motivation. Making money from advertisements on your blog may be enough to get you writing again. Making money from your blog is possible and it just takes motivation, skill and some know how. Striving towards this as a goal may motivate you and you may be quite happy to make some money from the blog in question which can seem like a strange reason to write.

Your Blog

If things seem to be getting to you – remind yourself that your blog is your voice and is your chance to be heard. This should motivate you to be the best you can be – after all your opinion is more important to you than anyone else’s.

Improving on Yourself

It was said once, ‘I do not know what I think until I write it down’ and this should be your philosophy. Writing allows you to make sense of all the thoughts in your mind allowing you the chance to air the issues at hand, or in your head which arrive at your hand in an organised and structured fashion. You’d be surprised at what comes out when writing that you never considered before.

Keep Writing

There is nothing more disheartening than not being able to write. However, the best way to unblock a blockage is to just keep writing. The plunger effect of continuing to write, whether you’re writing complete gobbledy gook is often a flood of ideas. By avoiding writing you in fact allow things to get even further on top of you. So, just keep going even if it seems ludicrous to write such rubbish.


Read other blogs, comment sections in papers and other forms of criticism. Getting your creative juices going again may be down to you forming a strong enough opinion on something and wanting to voice your thoughts on it. This can be anything from the council’s plan to build on allotments to the latest crisis in the Middle East. Motivate yourself with what interests you and also what doesn’t – everything can provide inspiration – so keep your eyes open.

This alone should be a reason to keep blogging and ensure you don’t see it as a waste of time. Blogging allows you to develop a sense of self and form some of your own opinions and this healthy action should be enough in itself to motivate you.

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